Waiting Lists for Rental Housing Programs Close June 1

Due to long wait times, the Dakota County Community Development Agency (CDA) will be closing the following rental housing waiting lists effective 4 p.m. on Thursday, June 1, 2017:

The CDA anticipates the waiting lists will remain closed for at least one year.

Preference is given to applicants who live, work, are hired to work or go to school full-time in Dakota County. Senior housing applicants can qualify for preference if they have an immediate family member living in Dakota County.

Applicants that have already applied for one or more of the rental housing programs will not be removed from the waiting list.


How to Apply

Senior Housing Program and Colleen Loney Manor applicants can call 651-675-4440 to request an application by mail or complete an application in person at the CDA’s office located at 1228 Town Centre Drive, Eagan, Minnesota.

Workforce Housing Program and Public Housing Program applicants must complete the application in person at the CDA’s office located at 1228 Town Centre Drive, Eagan, Minnesota.

Applications are available at the CDA’s office Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


How to Update Your Application

Current rental housing program applicants will not be removed from the waiting list but can report changes to their household information and update their application preferences (example: location, number of bedrooms, rent structure) by submitting a change form to the CDA by June 1, 2017.

Changes to report to the CDA include:

  • New address
  • Add or remove member to your household
  • Add or remove locations
  • Add or remove unit size (Senior Housing Program only)


To report a change, complete a change form and return it to the CDA.

  • Call the CDA at 651-675-4400 to request a change for by mail, or
  • Download the change form below for the rental housing program that you have applied to:

Senior Housing Program Change Form

Workforce & Public Housing Programs Change Form

Colleen Loney Manor Change Form


All requests to add locations or unit sizes to your application must be submitted by June 1, 2017. After June 1, applicants will only be able to remove their application from waiting lists.