Request for Proposals: Single Family Homes for Sale for the Resale to Qualified Homeowners in Dakota County

Scope of Project

In 2020 the Dakota County Community Development Agency (CDA), as Sole Member of the DCCDA Section 18 LLC through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) converted 120 scattered site public housing units to Section 18 assistance program.   The Section 18 program allows the CDA to sell homes to prospective resident purchasers or non-profit agencies for resale to low/moderate buyers.  The homes must be sold at Fair Market Value to maintain the housing value within the community of other homes.

The CDA seeks a non-profit agency (Agency) to purchase the homes for resale to income qualified buyers.

Request for Proposals Due

RFP Released: January 4, 2021

RFP Responses Due: February 5, 2021; 3:00 p.m.

CDA Board of Commissioners Holds Public Hearing to Consider Sale of Property: March 15, 2021 or TBD

Execute Purchase Agreement: TBD

Completion of Project: Within one (1) year of closing

The CDA reserves the right to change the timeline to ensure the RFP process is successful.


Please see below document for additional information:

2021 RFP Section 18 to Non-Profit