Request for Bids: Trash & Recycling Contract Services

Scope of Project

REQUEST FOR BIDS – Trash & Recycling Contract Services

At all CDA owned/managed properties in Dakota County, Minnesota.

Qualified contractors are invited to submit a bid for the above noted services. Price bids will be received and will be awarded to the qualified contractor(s) with the low price bid per Zone.

On site review: by contractor
Bids due: September 30, 2020 before 11:00AM (CST)

Contract start date: November 1, 2020
Contract completion: October 31, 2023

This is a formal bid process. Bids need to be sealed. Bids must be dropped off or mailed. Bids cannot be faxed or e-mailed. A bid bond and performance bond are required for project pricing over $100,000.00. There will be a public opening of bids. For uniformity, please submit your bid on the Bid Form included in this Project Manual. All costs and alternates must be filled in; incomplete bids will be rejected. All price bids must be signed.

The CDA is exempt from the local .25% transit tax and MN sales tax of 6.875%. There is no exemption certificate.

It should be noted that the principal contractor is responsible for full compliance of all the workers on-site (the contractor, subcontractors and any lower-tier subcontractors) with the labor standards provisions applicable to the project.

The CDA may award (1) or more zones to a qualified, low bid contractor. The CDA reserves the right to decide which zones to be awarded, and the number of zones to a contractor. The decisions of an award will be based on providing the best benefit to the CDA.

The CDA encourages contractors to bid on all (3) zones—since this increases the chances of a contractor being awarded a zone.

The CDA also reserves the right to reject any bid, or all bids.
See the other sections of this RFB for further information and requirements.

Questions? Contact:
Vince Markell, Facilities Service Manager

Request for Bids – Trash & Recycling Services