Rental Assistance Participants

Participants can contact their Housing Specialist by phone or email with questions regarding their participation in a rental assistance program. Participants will only be seen by appointment.  If you need to make an appointment with your Housing Specialist, please contact them directly to schedule an appointment.

Name Position Phone Fax
Kristen Andersen Housing Specialist 651-675-4544 651-287-8071
Nikki Anderson Office Support Assistant 651-675-4552 651-287-8068
Parker Bennett Office Support Assistant 651-675-4534 651-287-8063
Adriana Del Real Housing Specialist 651-675-4547 651-287-8062
Kacie Everman Housing Specialist 651-675-4546 651-287-8064
Travis Finlayson Program Manager 651-675-4533 651-287-8067
Mary Fischer Housing Specialist 651-675-4542 651-287-8069
Carrie Genereux Housing Specialist 651-675-4536 651-287-8060
Saadia Gentle Office Support Assistant 651-675-4403 651-287-8068
Mackenzie Haley Housing Specialist 651-675-4530 651-287-8051
Lisa Hohenstein Director of Housing Assistance 651-675-4543 651-287-8068
Jeanne Johnson Housing Specialist 651-675-4541 651-287-8065
Loriane McCarty Housing Specialist 651-675-4545 651-287-8073
Rhonda Meyers Housing Inspector 651-675-4530 651-287-8051
Erin Ortiz-Murphy Housing Specialist 651-675-4537 651-287-8072
Theresa Otto Housing Specialist 651-675-4540 651-287-8074
Anne Pillsbury Compliance & Landlord Relations Manager 651-675-4539 651-287-8061
Sarah Rensenbrink Assistant Director of Housing Assistance 651-675-4538 651-287-8068
Darling Thao Housing Specialist 651-675-4535 651-287-8066


Many questions can be answered by referring to Housing Choice Voucher Frequently Asked Questions.

Housing Choice Voucher FAQ

Or by referring to the Housing Choice Voucher Participant Handbook.

Housing Choice Voucher Participant Handbook