Redevelopment Incentive Grant Program

Since 2007, the Dakota County CDA has been encouraging community revitalization and assisting Dakota County cities with their redevelopment goals through a locally funded initiative called the Redevelopment Incentive Grant Program (RIG).

To date, the CDA has awarded over $13.6 million to 66 redevelopment projects and 28 planning activities. The CDA’s RIG program has leveraged over $187 million in other public and private funding for redevelopment efforts in Dakota County.

The Dakota County CDA is accepting applications for the 2024 fiscal year (July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024).

NEW THIS YEAR – private sector and nonprofits may apply for the newly created Environmental Investigation (EI) grant with a maximum award of $25,000.  All cities are also eligible to apply for EI grants.

All cities are eligible to receive planning and project grants. The maximum award for planning grants is $25,000 and maximum grant for project grants is $250,000.

Please read the “RIG Policy and Procedures Guide” before applying. Information about the timing, eligible activities, and available funding are in this document.

RIG Policy and Procedures Guide

RIG Environmental Investigation Application

RIG Planning Application

RIG Project Application

For more information about the Redevelopment Incentive Grant Program, contact Maggie Dykes, Assistant Director of Community & Economic Development at 651-675-4464.