Economic Development

Whether you want to start, expand or relocate a business, Dakota County has all of the resources you need to be wildly successful.

  • Need a strategic location next to the Twin Cities with access to airports, highways, railroads and waterways? We’ve got that.
  • Need a skilled and educated workforce with further opportunities to develop their careers? We’ve got that too.
  • How about an outstanding quality of life for you and your employees with access to culture and recreation? No problem.
  • Want support from your local government with low taxes, fiscal stability and help to make your business thrive? You bet.

Dakota County and the Dakota County Community Development Agency is ready to make your business dreams a reality.

Low Taxes and Fiscal Stability

We never forget it’s your property tax dollars that fund our services to you...
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Strategic Location

grid image - strategic location
Dakota County is just minutes from both downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul...
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First-Rate Infrastructure

grid image - infrastructure
Planes and trains, transit and utilities...
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Outstanding Quality of Life

grid image - parks
Indoors or outdoors, Dakota County has something to offer everyone...
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Educated and Diverse Workforce

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Dakota County has the educated and diverse workforce you need...
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Variety of Businesses

grid image - Variety of Businesses
Dakota County is home to a wide variety of business...
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Support for Businesses

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Business programs and resources to help you succeed...
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Resources and Links

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Additional information throughout the County and region...
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