Mortgage Foreclosure Program

Have you missed a mortgage payment or are you nearing foreclosure? The CDA’s Mortgage Foreclosure Program is a free advisory program for homeowners that are having difficulties making their mortgage payment.

Our homeownership advisor can:

  • Provide information and options about the foreclosure process,
  • Help you submit a mortgage modification request to your lender, and
  • Help you understand what options you many have to remain in your home.

If foreclosure is unavoidable, our staff can equip you with knowledge on the process and help you prepare for the next step.

Homeownership specialists will assess your specific situation to determine the solutions that are available, as well as teach you how to establish financial stability and strategies to avoid similar situations in the future.

Please note: Applicants must be residents of Dakota County and be committed to solving their financial problems with long-term solutions.

Contact a trained Homeownership Specialist today at 651-675-4473.

CDA Foreclosure Program Brochure


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