Moving with a Voucher

Are you planning to move to a new rental unit within Dakota County or outside of Dakota County? The Housing Choice Voucher program allows you to take your voucher with you to a new unit.


As you plan your move, here are few things to think about:

Moving is expensive! Application fees, new security deposits, the expense of moving furniture and belongings, as well as phone and utility hook-up fees will all cost you money.

Moving can be difficult for your children.  It disrupts the relationships, attachments and routines in your child’s world.

Many landlords run credit and criminal checks. It’s important to have a good rental history. A landlord can deny your application and refuse to rent to you if you have a record of an eviction action, poor reference from your previous landlord or criminal record.


Here is helpful information to prepare yourself for your upcoming move and the process that must be followed when moving with your voucher.

Note: the CDA will only approve one move in a 12 month period of time. 12 month leases are required with your Housing Choice Voucher.

Moving within Dakota County

Are you planning to move to a new rental unit within Dakota County? The steps outlined below will assist you in the process of moving with your voucher.

Porting & Moving In or Out of Dakota County:

Are you thinking about moving in or out of Dakota County with your current voucher?  Your Housing Choice Voucher can be used nationwide. This process is called portability. Portability means that you may move anywhere in the state or country that has a housing authority that provides vouchers.

If you’re a current Dakota County resident with a Housing Choice Voucher, please contact your Housing Specialist before you give notice to confirm that it is okay for you to move out of the county at this time.  Some situations may require you to remain in a certain housing authority’s jurisdiction for a certain period of time.

For more information regarding porting in to Dakota County, please contact the Port In-Take Housing Specialist Nou Vang 651-675-4530 or

For portability billing questions, please contact the Compliance and Landlord Relations Manager at 651-675-4539 or