Community & Economic Development

Community Development Block Grant Program

Exterior photo of tot lot and picnic pavillion at a workforce housing development.
The federal Community Development Block Grant Program provides annual grants on a formula basis to Dakota County, which then distributes funds to participating cities and townships.
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Redevelopment Program

Stock photo - rebar and concrete construciton desbris with heavy machinery.
The Dakota County CDA’s Redevelopment Program provides staff expertise to cities for redevelopment activities.
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Redevelopment Incentive Grant Program

Stock photo - framed building during construction
The Dakota County CDA’s Redevelopment Incentive Grant Program was created in 2006 to assist cities with redevelopment goals and promote the development of affordable workforce and supportive housing.
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Dakota County Economic Development Strategy

Stock photo - architectural model of building with hands of people discussing the model
Dakota County and Dakota County cities have been working together to strive towards Dakota County’s Strategic Initiatives for Economic Development in order to enhance and coordinate economic conditions at a local level.
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Open To Business

Photo of women standing in doorway to business with open sign.
Open To Business is a partnership between the Dakota County CDA, Dakota County cities, and the Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers (MCCD).
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Greater MSP

Greater MSP logo
The Dakota County CDA is an investor partner in Greater MSP.
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Next Generation Broadband

stock photo - technology with finger on touch screen device with icons in the air
With U.S. internet traffic growth anticipated to increase at least fourteen times over what it is now by 2015, eleven Dakota County cities and the Dakota County CDA have launched an educational campaign about why residents and businesses need to insist on next generation broadband to meet the needs of citizens.
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CEO Next Business Institute

Stock photo - woman and man reviewing paperwork with calculator.
Are you an independent business owner in Dakota County?
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EPA Brownfield Coalition Grant

Dakota County CDA was awarded a $600,000 grant in Fall 2019 from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the assessment of brownfield sites.

The goal of the funding is to identify, prioritize, and complete environmental assessments and/or remedial/reuse planning activities; and assist with the positioning of sites for redevelopment and reuse.
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