Dakota County Rental Market Survey

For over 30 years, the CDA has conducted an annual survey of market rate rental housing in Dakota County. Participation in the survey is voluntary. The survey features special sections for assisted/congregate living, senior and tax credit housing.

Data collected on the surveys is compiled and weighted by the number of units to calculate the average vacancy rates and average rental rates. The information presented in the summary is reported by bedroom size for each large city in Dakota County, as well as, the county as a whole. The Dakota County CDA conducts this survey each year and compares the current years responses to those from prior years.

2016 Rental Market Survey
The 2016 survey covered 20,716 rental units, or 88% of the market rate rental market in Dakota County.

2016 Vacancy Rate
The overall vacancy rate in Dakota County increased to 2.16% in 2016 from 1.73% in 2015.

2016 Average Rents
Efficiency: $702
One-bedroom: $915
Two-bedroom: $1,185
Three-bedroom: $1,527


2016 Dakota County Rental Market Survey Summary


2015 Dakota County Rental Market Survey Summary


For more information on the Dakota County Rental Market Survey, contact the Administrative-Communications Specialist at 651-675-4432.