Redevelopment Grants Awarded to Six Cities

The Dakota County CDA Redevelopment Incentive Grant (RIG) program was created in 2006 to provide a flexible funding resource to Dakota County cities for the redevelopment of blighted and under-utilized areas, and to promote the development of affordable housing. The RIG program supports two grants: redevelopment and planning.

Dakota County cities can apply for a maximum of $250,000 for redevelopment projects. Eligible activities include: property acquisition; clearance and demolition expenses related to site assembly; cleanup of pollution; and necessary public improvements like street reconstruction or parking structures.

Planning grants are a maximum of $15,000 per applicant.


In 2017, the CDA awarded 5 redevelopment and 3 planning grants to cities in Dakota County.

2017 Redevelopment Grants

  • City of Apple Valley: Hanson Concrete Redevelopment

This grant will assist with the installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of 147th Street W and Johnny Cake Ridge Road to facilitate the planned redevelopment of the former 60-acre Hanson Concrete site. The redevelopment of the site will include a mix of retail, office and light industrial.

  • City of Burnsville: Phase II Ladybird Lane Street Improvements

This grant will assist with road improvements along 2.5 miles of Ladybird Lane southeast of DuPont Avenue. The project will include road reconstruction, and storm, water and sanitary sewer improvements, which are intended to facilitate the future development of adjacent parcels that lie within the city’s Minnesota River Quadrant (MRQ). The City has planned for the long-term redevelopment of the MRQ area to allow for over 5.6 million square feet of commercial (including a medical campus), industrial, and warehouse uses, as well as over 1,300 units of medium- and high-density residential uses.

  • City of Hastings: H.D. Hudson Redevelopment

This grant will assist with the environmental cleanup of the H.D. Hudson Manufacturing building. The property was heavily contaminated by industrial users and extensive remediation has been needed. Additional cleanup of the building is needed to prepare the property for sale to a private developer, which is expected to occur later this year. Planned uses on the property include a hotel and conference center, market-rate housing, commercial and retail uses, and a public park.

  • City of Lakeville: Holyoke Avenue Streetscape Improvements

This grant will assist with the construction of new streetscape as part of a road improvement project along Holyoke Avenue. The streetscape improvements include parking bump outs for on-street parking, sidewalk replacement, ADA compliant pedestrian ramps, street tree replacement, benches, bike racks, signage, planting beds, and moveable planters.

  • City of South St. Paul: Rhim-Kenworth Headquarters at 425 Concord Street South

This grant will assist with the site preparation, soil correction and stabilization of a 5.72-acre site to allow for the construction of a 68,000 sq. ft. building in the 35-acre BridgePoint Business Park. The property was contaminated by previous industrial users and environmental remediation is needed.


2017 Planning Grants

  • City of Hastings: Vermillion Street Corridor Redevelopment Plan

The grant will assist with the redevelopment plan for a 1.5-mile portion of the Vermillion Street Corridor, a 142-acre that is a vital commercial and residential corridor in the city. The commercial portion of the corridor has become fragmented and the City is concerned about a loss of economic vitality. The proposed plan will include a market analysis and identification of opportunity areas along the corridor.

  • City of Inver Grove Heights: Arbor Pointe Commercial Redevelopment Plan

The grant will assist with a redevelopment plan for the western part of Arbor Pointe Commercial, a 27-acre area that has seen disinvestment in recent years. Five of the nine commercial buildings in the area are now vacant, and the valuation of these buildings has fallen by approximately $1.5 million in the past year. The plan will analyze market and demographic forces that will help determine alternative land uses and design principles.

  • City of Lakeville: Downtown Development Guide Update

The grant will assist with an update to the existing 2006 City of Lakeville Downtown Development Guide. The City wishes to update the plan so that it can be included in the 2040 Comprehensive Plan. The proposed plan will review the plan and determine what changes should be made in terms of guiding public and private development, and the needed public actions and investments to implement the plan.


To date, the Redevelopment Incentive Grant program has awarded more than $10 million to 52 redevelopment projects and 20 planning activities to cities across Dakota County.